All About Our Crystal Glasses

Crystal Port Glasses

All About Our Crystal Glasses

Why do so many discerning collectors turn to Stag House Replacements to complete their authentic crystal glass collections?  What is it about finely crafted drinking glasses which inspires such devotion and attention to detail amongst enthusiasts?  To enjoy the experience of your preferred drink to the full, it is important to have access to the appropriate crystal whiskey glasses, sherry glasses, scotch glasses, port glasses or red wine glasses.  What are the differences between these crystal collectables, and why is knowing those differences so important?

Few pleasures in life can compare with a refreshing beverage in the right setting for it.  But the appreciation of alcohol goes far beyond that.  Each of us has our own favorite drink, but even within one type of spirit or liqueur, there can be vast variations in terms of regional differences, brands, varieties and vintages.  Appreciating finely crafted beverages and developing a discerning palette has been seen as a worthy occupation and a mark of refinement for centuries.

Drinking is also a communal activity, and knowing what to drink or serve, and when, is a matter of great pride for those who consider such rituals to be an important part of their social identity.  Therefore, whether drinking alone or with friends, our customers recognize the acute importance of using the correct glassware for the potation in question.  And that is why the crystal glasses for port, red wine, scotch, sherry and whiskey we can supply are classified so meticulously.

And so, on to specifics: red wine has been consumed around the world since ancient times, and was widely produced and traded in civilizations such as Egypt and Phoenicia.  Most crystal red wine glasses are stemmed, with a more or less rounded bowl.  The aroma, or ‘bouquet’, of a wine is an essential part of the drinking experience, and many enthusiasts maintain that the rounded bowl is designed to capture this ‘bouquet’ to create the right environment for tasting.

One particular type of sweet red wine with its own dedicated following is port, from Northern Portugal.  By law, only wine produced here can be called ‘port’, although similar drinks are also produced elsewhere.  Those who particularly appreciate port are likely to have a collection of crystal port glasses.

Sherry is also a fortified wine, this time from Spain, and one of the main differences between it and the beverages mentioned above is that it is made using white wine.  Since this is a very sweet dessert wine, crystal sherry glasses are small, with an inward taper to enhance the complex flavours of the drink.

Crystal whiskey glasses come in a variety of forms, and the shape is more a matter of taste.  However, it should be borne in mind that this applies to ‘whiskey’ with an ‘e’, as the name of the drink is spelled in Ireland and, latterly, in America; ‘whisky’, also known as ‘scotch’, comes from Scotland, and has much stricter traditions attached to it.  Anyone looking for crystal scotch glasses for their collection can’t go wrong with a Pitcairn glass, or a piece with a similar shape.

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