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What is the Difference Between Glass and Crystal?

At first glance, it’s definitely difficult to tell what it is exactly that differentiates standard glass from crystals. It’s important to keep in mind that crystals are a subcategory of glass; therefore, all crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. 

Here, we will be breaking down the features of each, so it’d be easier to tell them apart.

Features of Crystals

  • First off, crystal is composed of an entirely different material. It has strengthening materials that allow it to be shaped into different forms, something that the standard glass lacks. 
  • Crystals are also incredibly clearer compared to glass, hence the phrase “crystal clear.” This makes them an ideal choice for glassware and other decorations. 
  • Crystals are also heavier. This is due to their composition which includes lead and other metals.
  • The lead and metal components found in the crystal allow it to refract light. The light that disperses from it then produces a rainbow hue, adding to its desirability as a decorative object.
  • Crystals can also be made a lot thinner than the standard glass. Along with lead, its composition also includes potassium carbonate which enables it to be heated at a lower temperature compared to its glass counterpart.
  • Tapping a crystal creates a reverberated ringing sound. Running a wet finger in circular motions around the rim is also a good test to differentiate crystals from standard glass because crystals emanate a subtle tone. 
  • Crystals are also softer and more malleable than glass which allows for smooth hand-cut details and intricate patterns to be added. 
  • Crystals also have a narrower rim compared to regular glass.

Features of Glass

  • Glass is composed of sand, soda ash, and limestone. Occasionally, other minerals are added to it to alter its colour, durability, and thickness. These minerals include silica and barium.
  • Appearance-wise, you can see that standard glass is slightly foggier. The ingredient included in its composition can also affect the colour tint that it shows. For instance, a glass with an iron composition may feature a green tint.
  • When compared to crystals of the same design and the same size, the standard glass weighs lighter due to the absence of lead and other metals in its composition.
  • The standard glass also has a thicker rim. This can be attributed to the soda lime in its chemical composition, which results in the standard glass requiring a high working temperature. Most glass rims are also reinforced for added strength because of their fragile materials.
  • When tapping glass, it makes a clunking noise or a dull chime. These sounds usually do not last long and are often subtle.
  • The lack of metal content in glass also means light passes through it without refracting. An example of this would be a glass windowpane. This is because the soda lime found in glass lacks any refracting capabilities.
  • There is very little time to add smooth hand-cut details or intricate patterns to glass, considering they harden very quickly. The cuts found on standard glass are, most often than not, sharp, rigid, and brittle.
  • Lastly, as glass is not as desirable as a decorative object or a luxury item, they are usually sold in markets at a much cheaper price compared to crystals.


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How to Wash Crystal Glassware

Here at Crystal Glass Replacement, you can purchase any number of beautiful pieces, whether it’s for a dinner set or a decorative item around the home.  Of course, customers that choose our crystal glassware for drinkware and as dinner sets, usually buy it for special occasions.  No matter how beautiful a glass looks with your favourite drink, most people resist the urge to use their best cut crystal glasses for everyday use, instead opting for the standard glasses in the house to have that quiet night in along with some vino or bubbly.  Unfortunately, accidents happen (even on those very special occasions) and you may need to look through our wide range of drinking glasses to replace the one that was lost.  However, what do you do when your drinkware is in one piece, but you have dirty marks, waxy residue, or stubborn water spots spoiling the ornateness of your best crystal glassware?

How to Clean Crystal?

As your crystal glass is not in use all of the time, when they are put in storage, they may gather packing dust and accumulate marks.  So, your first concern when getting your crystal glass dinning service out is, how can you get them sparkling clean?

The worry that comes when cleaning any glass is the concern of scraping, scratching and eventually wearing it down with hard and abrasive materials.  Certain cleaning fluids may also be too harsh for glassware, leaving marks and an unsightly residue in the glass.  Cleaning cloths can also leave behind dust or fibres on the crystal glassware.  So, what cleaning regime should you follow?

First of all, we would not recommend putting them inside your dishwasher.  Most crystal glassware is not suited to being put on a dishwasher cycle, and rather than risk it, we think it is best to be cautious and wash and polish them by hand.

Extreme hot temperatures can cause crystal to crack, so use water only at room temperature or slightly above.  Use a slight amount of good quality dish soap.  If you are concerned with how to remove stubborn residue, then it may be advisable to purchase a dish soap that is designed specifically for restoring crystal glassware and tableware.  Add two cups of white vinegar.  This helps get those glasses to really shine.

When washing your glasses in a metal or ceramic sink, line your basin with cloths to prevent the glasses hitting the surface and breaking in the process.  You should leave your glassware to soak for a few minutes so that the soap and warmth of the water can help to loosen or dissolve some of the marks on the crystal glasses.  This means that you spend less time handling the glasses yourself, therefore reducing the risk of breakages, and you do not need to scrub or wipe them down quite as much once the fluids have done their job.  Gently wipe down each piece of glassware, and rinse under a flow of room temperature water.  To avoid the need for you to remove water spots later on, immediately dry the glassware and polish them with a lint-free cloth.  Then either put your glassware directly onto your dining table, or store them safely in a dust free environment.

We hope this has helped you to keep your cut crystal in the best condition.  If you don’t yet have crystal glass or tableware, now you know how easy it is to care for, why don’t you have a look at the beautiful pieces available here at Crystal Glass Replacements.  Contact us today.


How to Tell the Difference Between Glass and Crystal

Here at Crystal Glass Replacements, we offer our customers with a wide variety of crystal glassware. This includes some unique and exclusive products from specialist brands, with most of our collections offering a wide range of drinking glasses, as well as glassware such as pitchers and decanters. Our high-quality products are ideal for any special occasions, as well as everyday luxury. Today, we will focus on how to tell the difference between glass and crystal products.

The Difference Between Glass and Crystal

Whilst the material of both glass and crystal can be equally elegant for entertaining guests at dinner parties, at Crystal Glass Replacements, we also work with collectors in mind. To the discerning eye, it is possible to notice the subtle differences between glass and crystal items that most people would otherwise not be likely to see.

The Features of Crystal

One of the easiest ways to test if your crystal is genuine crystal is to hold it up to the light. As the expression ‘crystal clear’ implies, when you hold crystal to the light, a rainbow prism effect is created, and this reflective quality brings a stronger level of clarity than glass. Additionally, when you shine a UV light on crystal, it will give a bluish-purple tint. You can compare the unknown item to one you know is made of glass, if it is around the same size, and you will know the crystal if it is heavier in weight due to the larger lead content. Also due to the larger lead content of crystal products, this property also gives it a musical ring. This means that when you tap it, you should hear a pleasant ringing sound, with a slight echo. This is what makes crystal glasses great for making toasts on celebratory occasions. You can also hear this musicality if you wet your finger and gently swipe the rim of the glass. If a crystal glass contains over 35% lead, you will see a stunning sparkle as it is. Whilst crystal glasses often appear more delicate, they are actually capable of being spun thin whilst also keeping its strength.

The Features of Glass

Opposed to crystal, when you hold regular glass to the light, you wouldn’t expect the same rainbow prism effect. Furthermore, if you shine a UV light to it, then it will appear a dull green tone. If you have some glassware that you know is made from glass, if it is roughly the same size, the weight will also feel the same. Unlike the musicality of crystal, when you tap plain glass, you don’t get the same tonal sound. Glass also usually has a thicker rim than crystal as it is made to be durable rather than delicate. Glass is also cheaper, so they are a less luxurious but more affordable product.

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Top four Crystal Gifts this Christmas

We offer our customers an extensive range of crystal glassware which are ideal for gifts this Christmas. Our collection includes unique and exclusive products from specialist brands, with most of our collections offering a wide range of drinking glasses, as well as glassware such as pitchers and decanters. Our high-quality crystal gifts are ideal for any special occasions, as well as everyday luxury. Today, we will focus on our top four crystal gifts for Christmas.

Royal Doulton Whisky Glasses

The Royal Doulton brand began with ceramic in Lambeth in London in 1815 when local artists and designers made the first products, some of which can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Rather than on display in a dusty museum exhibit, we prefer to drink from our glasses. Whether for everyday use or special occasions like Christmas, indulge yourself or gift someone special a set of Royal Doulton whisky crystal glasses to start the celebrations in the right way.

Edinburgh Champagne Glasses

During the 19th century, we began to see the formation of commercial glass companies, including what we now know as Edinburgh Crystal, which was founded in 1867. Whilst the company changed hands and eventually was discontinued, you can still buy these Scottish gems from us. When it comes to Edinburgh Champagne glasses, we can find traditional designs, as well as contemporary due to its long history and the innovation brought to the brand when the company collaborated with Wolverhampton University and Edinburgh College if Art.

Stuart Crystal Decanters

This glassware brand name refers to the work of the Frederick Stuart, a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution. The brand no longer produces glassware, so when you purchase from this brand, you are buying an invaluable piece of history. For those with expensive taste, such a decanter offers the decadence of lead glass, which offers a superior quality of glass. The material a produces higher clarity which refracts light beautifully, and it has a pleasant heavy weight when held in the hand.

Stuart Crystal Port Glasses

When gifting a decanter, you really need some nice glasses to pour into too. Our final recommendation for a top Christmas gift is a Stuart Crystal port glass set. Port glasses is the perfect Christmas gift as it tends to be the time of year where this beverage is shared when celebrating with friends and family. For decades, it has been an English tradition of drinking port – the fortified, sweet wine drunk most commonly after dinner – on Christmas.
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Stuart Crystal Glasses

The Stuart Crystal Era

Stuart Crystal Glasses

Lead crystal is popular with collectors as well as connoisseurs of fine eating and drinking. The distinct qualities of this material make it the ideal choice. Despite the widely available cheaper glasses on the general market, lead glass, and especially Stuart Crystal, offers a higher quality of glassware. Lead glass is created using lead oxide in place of the calcium that is found in a normal glassware compound. This chemical construction ensures a higher clarity which refracts light beautifully, and it has a reassuringly heavy weight when held in the hand.

For the discerning customer, the Stuart Crystal era is synonymous with good quality glassware. This name refers to the work of the influential Frederick Stuart, a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution. As an orphan, and aged only eleven years old, in 1827 he was sent to work in a glasswork located on the Crystal Mile in Stourbridge. Located a few miles to the west of Birmingham, in the Midlands of Britain, this area was home to a number of glass manufacturers including some of the most famous names in British crystal.

Whilst working amongst the smoky factories and growing urban surroundings, young Frederick learned the secrets of this craft. He showed his business skills when, after two and a half decades of work, in 1853, he was ready to establish his own business. Along with his business partners, Richard Mills and Edward Webb, he founded Mills, Webb & Stuart. This company rapidly gained renown for making high quality designs that were sought after by discerning customers.

Stuart Crystal Glassware

His business acumen did not stop there, and by the time of his retirement, aged 82, the business was entirely run by Frederick and his sons, with the result that it became known simply as Stuart Crystal. Subsequent generations of the family took the business to new heights, so much so that by 1936 the company was producing too much to stay in the existing building. They purchased the factory next door and used the previous building for storage and, later still, as a museum. During this period of growth, their craftsmen created many notable designs, including their Medallion Cameo Glass in 1887 and the still-used Beaconsfield Pattern in 1907. They also created ranges of Art Nouveau designs and novelty designs.

Sadly, the business no longer manufactures glass. In 1995, they were bought by Waterford Wedgewood, but despite this sounding like an ideal match which would give new strength to the veteran company, it was not to be. After only six years, in 2001, they closed the factory, ending 148 years of industry and creativity.

Stuart Crystal glasses and other designs remain popular with collectors, and in fact they can rightly be considered a piece of British history, to be prized and cared for. If you are fortunate enough to own pieces from the Stuart Crystal glass collections, such as Stuart Crystal decanters, take care of it because it is a piece of British craftsmanship that will never again be manufactured.

At Crystal Glass Replacement, we specialise in providing replacements and new pieces for many different ranges, including Stuart Crystal glassware. Whether you need Stuart Crystal tumblers, Stuart Crystal wine glasses or something else entirely, visit our online store or speak to our team. We can supply replacements and new pieces for a wide range of designs.



Royal Brierley Crystal

Royal Brierley: Everything You Need to Know

If you love crystal glassware like we do, then you will know the name ‘Royal Brierley’.  This company represents a key part of the long legacy of classic crystal glassware, and with good reason.  Not only are they known for the exceptionally high quality of Royal Brierley crystal, but they can also claim one of the longest histories in British glasswork.

Incredibly, the origins of the company go back about two and a half centuries to the year 1776.  That might not initially sound impressive but think about it in context.  1776 was the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed, making the USA into an independent company.  The Royal Brierley company is as old as the USA!  1776 was also early in the Industrial Revolution, before the development of the railway network and before the development of mass produced steel!  It predates the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, which would begin almost a decade later, and was more than fifty years before middle class men would win the vote.

The Royal Brierley Glass company was not always known by that name.  They operated under various titles through the subsequent 250 years, such as Silvers, Mills and Stevens, and the Stevens and Williams Glassworks.  The name Royal Brierley Crystal was adopted in 1931, following a visit by the Duke and Duchess of York to the factory.  The company briefly closed in in 2000 but was soon reopened as a part of Dartington Crystal.

Despite the changes in ownership and name over the years, one thing has remained consistent – the reputation for quality.  The company has long had a reputation for precision manufacturing, as well as superior quality crystal glass.  The focus on quality workmanship probably stems from the context of the company’s founding.  In the 1700s, the British government placed a high tax on lead crystal glass.

Since this tax was calculated on the basis of weight, manufacturers like Royal Brierley found it beneficial to focus on delicate and intricate work which used smaller pieces, like glasses and decanters, rather than reducing the lead in the crystal which would have reduced the finished quality.  This pattern for making finely formed crystalware, as well as coloured glass, has remained at the centre of the Royal Brierley crystal glass collection.  It is not really a surprise that they became the suppliers of glassware to the Royal Family in 1919, with a royal warrant given by King George V and more recently renewed by Charles, Prince of Wales.

If you are looking for glassware, either for yourself or as a great gift for a special occasion, Royal Brierley could be exactly what you need.  Why not treat yourself or a friend to some Royal Brierley crystal glasses or a Royal Brierley crystal decanter?

At Crystal Glass Replacements, we stock a wide range of Royal Brierley pieces in our online shop.  Whether you want an individual piece as a replacement or a full set, get in touch to see how we can provide the right pieces for your collection.

Royal Doulton Glasses

The Beauty of Royal Doulton

Here at Stag House Replacements, we provide our customers with a great range of crystal glassware. This includes some unique and exclusive products from specialist brands, with most of our collections offering a wide range of drinking glasses, as well as glassware such as pitchers and decanters. Our high-quality products are ideal for any special occasions, as well as everyday luxury. Today, we will focus on the beauty of Royal Doulton glassware.

The History of Royal Doulton

Part of the beauty of the Royal Doulton brand is the history behind it. The story began in 1815 with ceramics, in Lambeth in London. Artists and designers from the local art school worked on these first products. Unfortunately, the factory has since been demolished, with key pieces exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum demonstrating its legacy. Additionally, there is an existing office building at Black Prince Road, where a frieze of potters and Sir Henry Doulton are presented. Of course, having your own glassware means you can own a piece of this history.

Our Range of Royal Doulton Products

We are pleased to stock a wide selection of Royal Doulton products. Our range not only includes the brand’s glassware, but also the ceramics for which the company built its legacy. Ceramic products are white featuring a gold trim, where you can benefit from beautiful dinner plates, platters, a coffee pot, a cream jug, a gravy boat and saucer, a sugar bowl, a cereal bowl, and a tea cup and saucer. Additionally, when it comes to glassware, we offer a drinking glasses for a variety of purposes, including wine glasses and goblets, whisky tumblers, hi-ball glasses, beer tankards, champagne flutes, brandy glasses, and cocktail glasses. Furthermore, we can supply a beautiful ‘Dorchester’ round decanter, and a ‘Saturn’ pitcher.

Royal Doulton Replacements

As we are experts in glass replacements, we understand the devastation of breaking even one glass in a collection.  Should an accident occur, we will work hard to salvage your glassware and ceramics. If you know the name of the collection, we can use this to locate your missing piece from our own collection, always trying our best to find a suitable replacement glass. You can browse our collections online to see if we our stock can help you to replenish your Royal Doulton collection. With Stag House Replacements, you can relax and enjoy your glassware, knowing that should the worst happen, we can help you replace your products, so you can use your glassware and ceramics for both special occasions and everyday luxury without a care in the world.

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Crystal Port Glasses

All About Our Crystal Glasses

Why do so many discerning collectors turn to Stag House Replacements to complete their authentic crystal glass collections?  What is it about finely crafted drinking glasses which inspires such devotion and attention to detail amongst enthusiasts?  To enjoy the experience of your preferred drink to the full, it is important to have access to the appropriate crystal whiskey glasses, sherry glasses, scotch glasses, port glasses or red wine glasses.  What are the differences between these crystal collectables, and why is knowing those differences so important?

Few pleasures in life can compare with a refreshing beverage in the right setting for it.  But the appreciation of alcohol goes far beyond that.  Each of us has our own favorite drink, but even within one type of spirit or liqueur, there can be vast variations in terms of regional differences, brands, varieties and vintages.  Appreciating finely crafted beverages and developing a discerning palette has been seen as a worthy occupation and a mark of refinement for centuries.

Drinking is also a communal activity, and knowing what to drink or serve, and when, is a matter of great pride for those who consider such rituals to be an important part of their social identity.  Therefore, whether drinking alone or with friends, our customers recognize the acute importance of using the correct glassware for the potation in question.  And that is why the crystal glasses for port, red wine, scotch, sherry and whiskey we can supply are classified so meticulously.

And so, on to specifics: red wine has been consumed around the world since ancient times, and was widely produced and traded in civilizations such as Egypt and Phoenicia.  Most crystal red wine glasses are stemmed, with a more or less rounded bowl.  The aroma, or ‘bouquet’, of a wine is an essential part of the drinking experience, and many enthusiasts maintain that the rounded bowl is designed to capture this ‘bouquet’ to create the right environment for tasting.

One particular type of sweet red wine with its own dedicated following is port, from Northern Portugal.  By law, only wine produced here can be called ‘port’, although similar drinks are also produced elsewhere.  Those who particularly appreciate port are likely to have a collection of crystal port glasses.

Sherry is also a fortified wine, this time from Spain, and one of the main differences between it and the beverages mentioned above is that it is made using white wine.  Since this is a very sweet dessert wine, crystal sherry glasses are small, with an inward taper to enhance the complex flavours of the drink.

Crystal whiskey glasses come in a variety of forms, and the shape is more a matter of taste.  However, it should be borne in mind that this applies to ‘whiskey’ with an ‘e’, as the name of the drink is spelled in Ireland and, latterly, in America; ‘whisky’, also known as ‘scotch’, comes from Scotland, and has much stricter traditions attached to it.  Anyone looking for crystal scotch glasses for their collection can’t go wrong with a Pitcairn glass, or a piece with a similar shape.

Contact us to learn more about crystal glasses.

Baccarat Champagne Glasses

All About Our Baccarat Champagne Glasses

History and tradition are a big part of what we do here at Stag House Replacements., and few of the items we come across have as much of either as Baccarat Champagne glasses.

When people reflect on their own histories, and those of their families, they may turn to keepsakes and heirlooms to focus the mind and make the experience tangible.  But when we invest so much sentiment in an object, not just any item will do.  Certainly, a mass-produced or tasteless product would not well represent the mood we are trying to create.

Instead, the treasured mementos and inheritances which are shared within families are usually meaningful items, which were hand-crafted with care and have been cherished ever since.  When we handle articles of quality which were used and valued by our parents and grandparents, we gain an insight into their lifestyles, their values, their world.  These objects need not be large, complex, or exotic; things as mundane as tableware can form our most powerful connections with the past.  Indeed, in contrast with purely financial assets, crystal glassware would have been displayed and used in the family home, and therefore carries far more memories than even the most valuable antique which has been locked away in a bank vault.

Such items have unique stories to tell, and the language of those stories is strongly influenced by where and when the pieces were produced.  For example, a pair of Scottish whisky glasses locked away in the top drawer of a writing desk tell a very different story to a set of French Champagne flutes proudly displayed in an antique oak drinks cabinet.  And when such glasses are the products of a famous and respected manufacturer of luxury goods, the story becomes still more fascinating.  Understandably then, when customers come to us for help in completing collections of vintage Baccarat Champagne flutes, it is often as much a quest to achieve sentimental closure as it is to complete a set of historic and valuable antiques.

More than that, the history and cultural context of the company, movement, or area which produced the artifact inevitable has a bearing on its sentimental meaning.  A set of Baccarat crystal Champagne flutes is more than just a valuable possession, it is a statement about the tastes and identity of the owners at the time it was acquired.  For over 250 years, this famous French crystal company have honed the art of producing beautiful and desirable luxury homewares and gifts.  Never have they allowed their products to become commonplace, or ordinary, which is why sets and individual items from all time periods are so collectible now.  Here at Stag House Replacements, we consider it a privilege to deal in such items which have meant so much to so many people.

These days, all Baccarat master craftsmen train for 15 years to acquire absolutely unimpeachable skills in the production of fine tableware, and to ensure that modern Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glasses are just as flawless and desirable as those from centuries ago.  Contact us if you need a replacement Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glass to complete your collection.

Thomas Webb Crystal

Thomas Webb Glasses at Crystal Glass Replacements

At Crystal Glass Replacements, we are overjoyed to offer our customers a wide selection of crystal glassware from a range of specialist brands, steeped in history. Our collection includes rare and unique products that could otherwise be difficult to source. Our crystal products are not only limited to drinking glasses, but also includes a plethora of other, including items such as vases and decanters. Whilst our products are premium in terms of quality, not only are they ideal for a multitude of special occasions from important anniversaries to family celebrations, but you can also use them for a spot of everyday luxury. Today the spotlight turns to our range of Thomas Webb crystal glassware.

The Thomas Webb Legacy

Thomas Webb was founded almost two centuries ago, in 1837, with Webb making a name for himself as the ‘Crystal Kind of England’. This mighty reputation eventually earned the company a Grand Prix award and a global standing. The crystalware from Thomas Webb has been exhibited in Paris as part of the Tiffany & Co. exhibit. At the height of their fame, in 1889, they acquired a patent for their glassmaking process in America. The most exquisite pieces of glassware were signed with ‘GEM CAMEO’ on the mark. Alluding to the cameo engraved gem, this type of glass is actually more precious that natural gemstone cameos due to their rarity and fragility.

Thomas Webb at Crystal Glass Replacements

Here at Crystal Glass Replacements, most of our Thomas Webb product range is made up of drinking glasses. Each and every design is distinctive yet distinguishable as belonging to this exceptional brand. The range includes glasses for wine, hock, gin and tonic, liqueur, champagne, whiskey, and port. Each pattern corresponds to a particular name, including Cheltenham, Gothic, London, Normandy, Romeo, Yacht, Russell, Andrews, Warwick, Wellington, and Beverley. We also currently have in stock a unique art deco martini glass, a square-shaped whiskey decanter in the Cheltenham style, and a trumpet vase in the Gothic style.

Replacement Crystal Products

When browsing our collection of Thomas Webb crystal glassware, you will notice how rare and exquisite the range is on our website. As experts in replacements, we understand that accidents happen from time to time, so if you ever have the misfortune of finding a breakage, we will try our best to salvage it. When you provide us with the details of a missing piece in your collection, we have various collectors and contacts that can help to find you a suitable replacement glass to keep your glassware collection complete. Keep in contact with us and you can be rest assured with the knowledge that even if the worst happens, you can make use of your Thomas Webb glasses without fear of breakages.

Contact Us

To discover more about our Thomas Webb Crystal Glass products or any others, please feel free to get in touch with us through our web contact form, or by email at Alternatively, you can call us directly on either 07487769598 or 01708765451 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.

St Louis Crystal

Our St Louis Crystal Products

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer a range of crystal glass products from various names. Today we will focus on those from St Louis Crystal, renowned as the oldest glass manufacture in France. Read on to find out more about the history of these crystal glass makers, the company today and what St Louis products we can offer you.

The History of St Louis Crystal

Founded in 1767, St Louis (or, in French, Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis), has roots that date back to 1586. Not only is the company the first glass manufacturer in France, but it also holds the title of being the first crystal glass manufacturer in the whole of continental Europe. You can find out more about the iconic brand in the production halls of the factory itself, where its museum is located, exhibiting four centuries of its technical development and artistic creations. Initially focussed on making luxury and high-quality goods, it was in the 1800s that the manufacturer also operated in the field of medium-range goods of a lower quality to be affordable to the masses.

St Louis Crystal Today

The St Louis brand has stood the test of time, still operating today with modern creations that carry forward its classic style. Whilst the company has seen it through difficult times, affected by economic crises and becoming nationalised, it has since been re-privatised from 1987 and products today have also been expanded into engineered materials such as abrasives and ceramics. The company now has factories internationally, increasing their distribution. With many artists having worked with the brand, it has become known for its blend of tradition and innovation, which is perhaps why it has been able to last just so many years.

St Louis Crystal at Stag House Replacements

At Stag House replacements, we currently stock four sought-after St Louis Crystal glasses. This includes two types of the Chantilly champagne flutes, both in excellent condition, with one also signed ‘St Louis Cristal France’ underneath. We also stock a Chantilly glass which is designed for drinking sherry or port. Finally, we offer a St Louis Crystal Chantilly wine glass. Both these options are also signed at the base. If you’re looking for a specific St Louis product that is not listed, whether a St Louis decanter or an alternate pattern, please follow our contact details listed below and we can look into whether we can source the item for you. The products themselves are considered to merge the talent inherited from its past incarnations with the creative fantasy evoked by contemporary trends.

Contact Us

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer our customers a choice of over 4000 crystal items, which are acquired from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts and brought to you. Our extensive collections are available to browse online, but if you are searching for a specific product, feel free in touch with us. If you would like our assistance, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.

Waterford Crystal

All About Our Waterford Crystal Range

As one of the most respected and collectible crystal glass product brands in the world, Waterford Crystal has a long and eventful history which only adds to the attraction and mystique of the name.  Beginning in 1783, expert craftsmen in the Irish city of Waterford began producing luxury glass items with unique characteristics.  Since then, Waterford Crystal glasses and other tableware, along with a wide variety of other fine glass products, have become some of the most sought-after items of their type in the world of antiques and fine crafts.

Naming the company after the city from which they originated, rather than after a particular artisan or business leader, was an early masterstroke as it gave the new company an identity which would stand the test of time.  While memories of individuals may fade, naming the brand for Ireland’s longest-established city spoke of pride and permanence, and the fact that the factory was situated just minutes from what was then one of Europe’s great seaports could only have enhanced its prospects internationally.  Of course, no amount of clever marketing would have compensated for a substandard product, but Waterford Crystal wine glasses and other items have always compared favourably with the finest other brands from around the world.  Although the brand was inactive for many decades after financial difficulties forced the company’s closure, the heritage remained and Waterford Crystal was later revived to thrive in its home city once again.

A few years ago, a widely published documentary provided a glimpse into the world of the modern Waterford Crystal company.  Weight, softness and clarity were three qualities which distinguished antique Waterford Crystal champagne flutes and other glasses, and it was reported that the current factory had installed computer controlled mixing equipment to create just the right blend of potash, red oxide, sand, and ground glass to continue that tradition.  The mixture was melted in a furnace at over 1300 degrees, before master glass blowers would mould Waterford Crystal port glasses, wine glasses, and other products using wooden moulds which were also made in-house.

Possibly the most distinctive single quality of Waterford glasses and tableware is the depth of the decorative cutting.  It is the softness of the uniquely formulated glass, together with the thickness of the blowing, which allows Waterford wine glasses to be decorated in such a magnificent way. Glass which is cut using Waterford Crystal patterns will refract light to an extreme degree, and as anyone lucky enough to have their own Waterford Crystal glass collection will know, a dining table laden with such exquisite articles makes for a stunning sight.  It takes five years as an apprentice to become a master glass cutter, at the end of which each trainee must cut a specially designed Waterford Crystal decanter which features every type of cut they will be required to perform in the trade, to prove their skill.  The new master then keeps this Waterford decanter as proof of their accomplishment.

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