All About Our Baccarat Champagne Glasses

Baccarat Champagne Glasses

All About Our Baccarat Champagne Glasses

History and tradition are a big part of what we do here at Stag House Replacements., and few of the items we come across have as much of either as Baccarat Champagne glasses.

When people reflect on their own histories, and those of their families, they may turn to keepsakes and heirlooms to focus the mind and make the experience tangible.  But when we invest so much sentiment in an object, not just any item will do.  Certainly, a mass-produced or tasteless product would not well represent the mood we are trying to create.

Instead, the treasured mementos and inheritances which are shared within families are usually meaningful items, which were hand-crafted with care and have been cherished ever since.  When we handle articles of quality which were used and valued by our parents and grandparents, we gain an insight into their lifestyles, their values, their world.  These objects need not be large, complex, or exotic; things as mundane as tableware can form our most powerful connections with the past.  Indeed, in contrast with purely financial assets, crystal glassware would have been displayed and used in the family home, and therefore carries far more memories than even the most valuable antique which has been locked away in a bank vault.

Such items have unique stories to tell, and the language of those stories is strongly influenced by where and when the pieces were produced.  For example, a pair of Scottish whisky glasses locked away in the top drawer of a writing desk tell a very different story to a set of French Champagne flutes proudly displayed in an antique oak drinks cabinet.  And when such glasses are the products of a famous and respected manufacturer of luxury goods, the story becomes still more fascinating.  Understandably then, when customers come to us for help in completing collections of vintage Baccarat Champagne flutes, it is often as much a quest to achieve sentimental closure as it is to complete a set of historic and valuable antiques.

More than that, the history and cultural context of the company, movement, or area which produced the artifact inevitable has a bearing on its sentimental meaning.  A set of Baccarat crystal Champagne flutes is more than just a valuable possession, it is a statement about the tastes and identity of the owners at the time it was acquired.  For over 250 years, this famous French crystal company have honed the art of producing beautiful and desirable luxury homewares and gifts.  Never have they allowed their products to become commonplace, or ordinary, which is why sets and individual items from all time periods are so collectible now.  Here at Stag House Replacements, we consider it a privilege to deal in such items which have meant so much to so many people.

These days, all Baccarat master craftsmen train for 15 years to acquire absolutely unimpeachable skills in the production of fine tableware, and to ensure that modern Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glasses are just as flawless and desirable as those from centuries ago.  Contact us if you need a replacement Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glass to complete your collection.

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