Royal Brierley Crystal

Royal Brierley: Everything You Need to Know

If you love crystal glassware like we do, then you will know the name ‘Royal Brierley’.  This company represents a key part of the long legacy of classic crystal glassware, and with good reason.  Not only are they known for the exceptionally high quality of Royal Brierley crystal, but they can also claim one of the longest histories in British glasswork.

Incredibly, the origins of the company go back about two and a half centuries to the year 1776.  That might not initially sound impressive but think about it in context.  1776 was the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed, making the USA into an independent company.  The Royal Brierley company is as old as the USA!  1776 was also early in the Industrial Revolution, before the development of the railway network and before the development of mass produced steel!  It predates the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, which would begin almost a decade later, and was more than fifty years before middle class men would win the vote.

The Royal Brierley Glass company was not always known by that name.  They operated under various titles through the subsequent 250 years, such as Silvers, Mills and Stevens, and the Stevens and Williams Glassworks.  The name Royal Brierley Crystal was adopted in 1931, following a visit by the Duke and Duchess of York to the factory.  The company briefly closed in in 2000 but was soon reopened as a part of Dartington Crystal.

Despite the changes in ownership and name over the years, one thing has remained consistent – the reputation for quality.  The company has long had a reputation for precision manufacturing, as well as superior quality crystal glass.  The focus on quality workmanship probably stems from the context of the company’s founding.  In the 1700s, the British government placed a high tax on lead crystal glass.

Since this tax was calculated on the basis of weight, manufacturers like Royal Brierley found it beneficial to focus on delicate and intricate work which used smaller pieces, like glasses and decanters, rather than reducing the lead in the crystal which would have reduced the finished quality.  This pattern for making finely formed crystalware, as well as coloured glass, has remained at the centre of the Royal Brierley crystal glass collection.  It is not really a surprise that they became the suppliers of glassware to the Royal Family in 1919, with a royal warrant given by King George V and more recently renewed by Charles, Prince of Wales.

If you are looking for glassware, either for yourself or as a great gift for a special occasion, Royal Brierley could be exactly what you need.  Why not treat yourself or a friend to some Royal Brierley crystal glasses or a Royal Brierley crystal decanter?

At Crystal Glass Replacements, we stock a wide range of Royal Brierley pieces in our online shop.  Whether you want an individual piece as a replacement or a full set, get in touch to see how we can provide the right pieces for your collection.

Baccarat Champagne Glasses

All About Our Baccarat Champagne Glasses

History and tradition are a big part of what we do here at Stag House Replacements., and few of the items we come across have as much of either as Baccarat Champagne glasses.

When people reflect on their own histories, and those of their families, they may turn to keepsakes and heirlooms to focus the mind and make the experience tangible.  But when we invest so much sentiment in an object, not just any item will do.  Certainly, a mass-produced or tasteless product would not well represent the mood we are trying to create.

Instead, the treasured mementos and inheritances which are shared within families are usually meaningful items, which were hand-crafted with care and have been cherished ever since.  When we handle articles of quality which were used and valued by our parents and grandparents, we gain an insight into their lifestyles, their values, their world.  These objects need not be large, complex, or exotic; things as mundane as tableware can form our most powerful connections with the past.  Indeed, in contrast with purely financial assets, crystal glassware would have been displayed and used in the family home, and therefore carries far more memories than even the most valuable antique which has been locked away in a bank vault.

Such items have unique stories to tell, and the language of those stories is strongly influenced by where and when the pieces were produced.  For example, a pair of Scottish whisky glasses locked away in the top drawer of a writing desk tell a very different story to a set of French Champagne flutes proudly displayed in an antique oak drinks cabinet.  And when such glasses are the products of a famous and respected manufacturer of luxury goods, the story becomes still more fascinating.  Understandably then, when customers come to us for help in completing collections of vintage Baccarat Champagne flutes, it is often as much a quest to achieve sentimental closure as it is to complete a set of historic and valuable antiques.

More than that, the history and cultural context of the company, movement, or area which produced the artifact inevitable has a bearing on its sentimental meaning.  A set of Baccarat crystal Champagne flutes is more than just a valuable possession, it is a statement about the tastes and identity of the owners at the time it was acquired.  For over 250 years, this famous French crystal company have honed the art of producing beautiful and desirable luxury homewares and gifts.  Never have they allowed their products to become commonplace, or ordinary, which is why sets and individual items from all time periods are so collectible now.  Here at Stag House Replacements, we consider it a privilege to deal in such items which have meant so much to so many people.

These days, all Baccarat master craftsmen train for 15 years to acquire absolutely unimpeachable skills in the production of fine tableware, and to ensure that modern Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glasses are just as flawless and desirable as those from centuries ago.  Contact us if you need a replacement Baccarat Crystal Champagne Glass to complete your collection.

Thomas Webb Crystal

Thomas Webb Glasses at Crystal Glass Replacements

At Crystal Glass Replacements, we are overjoyed to offer our customers a wide selection of crystal glassware from a range of specialist brands, steeped in history. Our collection includes rare and unique products that could otherwise be difficult to source. Our crystal products are not only limited to drinking glasses, but also includes a plethora of other, including items such as vases and decanters. Whilst our products are premium in terms of quality, not only are they ideal for a multitude of special occasions from important anniversaries to family celebrations, but you can also use them for a spot of everyday luxury. Today the spotlight turns to our range of Thomas Webb crystal glassware.

The Thomas Webb Legacy

Thomas Webb was founded almost two centuries ago, in 1837, with Webb making a name for himself as the ‘Crystal Kind of England’. This mighty reputation eventually earned the company a Grand Prix award and a global standing. The crystalware from Thomas Webb has been exhibited in Paris as part of the Tiffany & Co. exhibit. At the height of their fame, in 1889, they acquired a patent for their glassmaking process in America. The most exquisite pieces of glassware were signed with ‘GEM CAMEO’ on the mark. Alluding to the cameo engraved gem, this type of glass is actually more precious that natural gemstone cameos due to their rarity and fragility.

Thomas Webb at Crystal Glass Replacements

Here at Crystal Glass Replacements, most of our Thomas Webb product range is made up of drinking glasses. Each and every design is distinctive yet distinguishable as belonging to this exceptional brand. The range includes glasses for wine, hock, gin and tonic, liqueur, champagne, whiskey, and port. Each pattern corresponds to a particular name, including Cheltenham, Gothic, London, Normandy, Romeo, Yacht, Russell, Andrews, Warwick, Wellington, and Beverley. We also currently have in stock a unique art deco martini glass, a square-shaped whiskey decanter in the Cheltenham style, and a trumpet vase in the Gothic style.

Replacement Crystal Products

When browsing our collection of Thomas Webb crystal glassware, you will notice how rare and exquisite the range is on our website. As experts in replacements, we understand that accidents happen from time to time, so if you ever have the misfortune of finding a breakage, we will try our best to salvage it. When you provide us with the details of a missing piece in your collection, we have various collectors and contacts that can help to find you a suitable replacement glass to keep your glassware collection complete. Keep in contact with us and you can be rest assured with the knowledge that even if the worst happens, you can make use of your Thomas Webb glasses without fear of breakages.

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To discover more about our Thomas Webb Crystal Glass products or any others, please feel free to get in touch with us through our web contact form, or by email at Alternatively, you can call us directly on either 07487769598 or 01708765451 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.

St Louis Crystal

Our St Louis Crystal Products

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer a range of crystal glass products from various names. Today we will focus on those from St Louis Crystal, renowned as the oldest glass manufacture in France. Read on to find out more about the history of these crystal glass makers, the company today and what St Louis products we can offer you.

The History of St Louis Crystal

Founded in 1767, St Louis (or, in French, Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis), has roots that date back to 1586. Not only is the company the first glass manufacturer in France, but it also holds the title of being the first crystal glass manufacturer in the whole of continental Europe. You can find out more about the iconic brand in the production halls of the factory itself, where its museum is located, exhibiting four centuries of its technical development and artistic creations. Initially focussed on making luxury and high-quality goods, it was in the 1800s that the manufacturer also operated in the field of medium-range goods of a lower quality to be affordable to the masses.

St Louis Crystal Today

The St Louis brand has stood the test of time, still operating today with modern creations that carry forward its classic style. Whilst the company has seen it through difficult times, affected by economic crises and becoming nationalised, it has since been re-privatised from 1987 and products today have also been expanded into engineered materials such as abrasives and ceramics. The company now has factories internationally, increasing their distribution. With many artists having worked with the brand, it has become known for its blend of tradition and innovation, which is perhaps why it has been able to last just so many years.

St Louis Crystal at Stag House Replacements

At Stag House replacements, we currently stock four sought-after St Louis Crystal glasses. This includes two types of the Chantilly champagne flutes, both in excellent condition, with one also signed ‘St Louis Cristal France’ underneath. We also stock a Chantilly glass which is designed for drinking sherry or port. Finally, we offer a St Louis Crystal Chantilly wine glass. Both these options are also signed at the base. If you’re looking for a specific St Louis product that is not listed, whether a St Louis decanter or an alternate pattern, please follow our contact details listed below and we can look into whether we can source the item for you. The products themselves are considered to merge the talent inherited from its past incarnations with the creative fantasy evoked by contemporary trends.

Contact Us

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer our customers a choice of over 4000 crystal items, which are acquired from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts and brought to you. Our extensive collections are available to browse online, but if you are searching for a specific product, feel free in touch with us. If you would like our assistance, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.

Waterford Crystal

All About Our Waterford Crystal Range

As one of the most respected and collectible crystal glass product brands in the world, Waterford Crystal has a long and eventful history which only adds to the attraction and mystique of the name.  Beginning in 1783, expert craftsmen in the Irish city of Waterford began producing luxury glass items with unique characteristics.  Since then, Waterford Crystal glasses and other tableware, along with a wide variety of other fine glass products, have become some of the most sought-after items of their type in the world of antiques and fine crafts.

Naming the company after the city from which they originated, rather than after a particular artisan or business leader, was an early masterstroke as it gave the new company an identity which would stand the test of time.  While memories of individuals may fade, naming the brand for Ireland’s longest-established city spoke of pride and permanence, and the fact that the factory was situated just minutes from what was then one of Europe’s great seaports could only have enhanced its prospects internationally.  Of course, no amount of clever marketing would have compensated for a substandard product, but Waterford Crystal wine glasses and other items have always compared favourably with the finest other brands from around the world.  Although the brand was inactive for many decades after financial difficulties forced the company’s closure, the heritage remained and Waterford Crystal was later revived to thrive in its home city once again.

A few years ago, a widely published documentary provided a glimpse into the world of the modern Waterford Crystal company.  Weight, softness and clarity were three qualities which distinguished antique Waterford Crystal champagne flutes and other glasses, and it was reported that the current factory had installed computer controlled mixing equipment to create just the right blend of potash, red oxide, sand, and ground glass to continue that tradition.  The mixture was melted in a furnace at over 1300 degrees, before master glass blowers would mould Waterford Crystal port glasses, wine glasses, and other products using wooden moulds which were also made in-house.

Possibly the most distinctive single quality of Waterford glasses and tableware is the depth of the decorative cutting.  It is the softness of the uniquely formulated glass, together with the thickness of the blowing, which allows Waterford wine glasses to be decorated in such a magnificent way. Glass which is cut using Waterford Crystal patterns will refract light to an extreme degree, and as anyone lucky enough to have their own Waterford Crystal glass collection will know, a dining table laden with such exquisite articles makes for a stunning sight.  It takes five years as an apprentice to become a master glass cutter, at the end of which each trainee must cut a specially designed Waterford Crystal decanter which features every type of cut they will be required to perform in the trade, to prove their skill.  The new master then keeps this Waterford decanter as proof of their accomplishment.

Raise your Waterford Crystal champagne glasses to this fine company!  Contact Crystal Glass Replacements to buy genuine Waterford champagne flutes and other products.

Edinburgh Crystal

All About Edinburgh Crystal

Named after the Scottish capital city itself, Edinburgh Crystal is an iconic crystal glass company, easily recognisable and steeped in history, being over one hundred and fifty years old. Today we’re going to look at this history, along with what makes the brand stand out and how it stands today, as well as how you can get your hands on some original Edinburgh Crystal.

The Beginning of Edinburgh Crystal

It was during the 19th century that we began to see the formation of commercial glass companies. What we now know as Edinburgh Crystal was founded in 1867 as the Edinburgh and Leith Flint Glass Company. Throughout its time, it was bought and sold to various other glass companies, and it was in 1955 that it began to be known simply as The Edinburgh Crystal Glass Company. It continued to change hands, and in May 2006 the offices and warehouse suffered from a tragic fire. A few months later, it went into administration, and in 2007, the company was bought by Waterford Wedgewood, though it suffered the same fate in 2009. After these years existing as just a brand name, Edinburgh Crystal was then discontinued.

Edinburgh Crystal Today

Despite Edinburgh Crystal being discontinued, you can still buy your own piece of history. In the more contemporary years, there were design collaborations between the company and Wolverhampton University and Edinburgh College if Art. Students were able to gain great experience, whilst also giving fresh blood to the company, bringing innovative design ideas. For some time, there was also a visitor centre, which brought hundreds of thousands of people each year, offering them the opportunity to see the glassware being made, and speak to the Master Craftspeople. Although this time has now ended, this makes items of Edinburgh Crystal all the more precious and rarer.

Stag House Replacements

Here at Stag House Replacements, we have a great range of different types of drinking glasses from Edinburgh Crystal, as well as fruit bowls, jugs, and decanters. Within this extensive range, we stock a number of items as part of the collectable ‘Connoisseur Collection’. This includes ‘The Start of Edinburgh’, where stars burst out in an attractive pattern, carved into the glass, and ‘Thistle’, whereby the tops are shaped in a thistle theme, with a stippled body. Furthermore, two of these collectables include ‘Kind James’, which is recognisable from its long stems and neck, and ‘Lochnagar’, known by its swirling pattern and dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. From whisky glasses to wine glasses, and everything in between, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

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At Stag House Replacements, we have over 4000 crystal items, which are sourced from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts and brought to you. Our wide-reaching collections are available to browse online, but if you are looking for a particular product, you are welcome to get in touch with us. If you would like our help, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be glad to assist you with any queries you may have for us.


Add some sparkle to your home with the Royal Brierley crystal glass collection

Glassware is an essential item in the home, whether it’s for day to day use for you and your family, or for entertaining guests at a dinner party. The Royal Brierley crystal glasses collection is unlike your usual set of glassware; today, we will be taking a look at the Royal Brierley crystal set, its history, and why the pieces of this collection remain such a highly coveted and admired collection.


The history of the Royal Brierley Crystal Glass collection

Royal Brierley is one of the oldest crystal glass manufacturers in England, set up as a family business in the mid-eighteenth century and enjoying national admiration hereafter. In the early twentieth century, upon earning a royal warrant of appointment as glassmakers, the ‘Royal’ in the name Royal Brierley was added.

While the glasses were traditionally found adorning the glassware cupboards and dining tables of people’s homes, many of the pieces can now also be found on display in various museums. This is testament to their beauty and historical value. We pride ourselves here at Crystal Glass Replacements as retailers of this fine glassware.


Why are Royal Brierley crystal glasses so admired?

Royal Brierley crystal patterns are intricate and created with great care. The collection of lines and debossed strokes into the glass create a beautiful set of geometrical patterns, evoking an image similar to that of flowers. These have become globally renowned and recognised, and while many other glass manufacturers take inspiration from these patterns, Royal Brierley remains one of the original designers of this type of glassware.


Our collection of Royal Brierley Crystal Glass

Here at Crystal Glass Replacements, we have an extensive range of the Royal Brierley glassware. For instance, on our website you will find glassware suitable for drinking champagne, wine, whiskey, liqueur, port, sherry, and hock. For instance, the Royal Brierley Crystal “ASCOT” whiskey glass is a stunning addition to your glass cabinet; pre-owned, yet still in excellent condition, a splash of whiskey over ice cubes carries a new feeling when served in this crystal piece.

Another example of our fine collection of Royal Brierley pieces is the Royal Brierley crystal “BIARRITZ” wine glass. While this glass is previously owned, it has been lovingly cared for, and thus remains in beautiful condition. The markings are subtle yet unique and eye-catching, with the Royal Brierley signature on the base of the glass exhibiting its history and value.
Besides glassware for drinks, at Crystal Glass Replacement we also stock Royal Brierley glassware for decorative purposes. For example, the Royal Brierley crystal “JASMINE” pair of candlesticks are perfect for creating an elegant centrepiece on your dining room table, providing you light as you dine.


Need more information?

If you have any remaining questions on our Royal Brierley glassware collection, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by sending us an email at Alternatively, if you prefer to speak with someone from our team directly, you can give us a call on 01708752761. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need when searching for your new glassware.




The History Of Royal Doulton

The story of our Royal Doulton products begins back over two hundred years ago, so when you own such items, you can think of it as holding a piece of history in your hands. For this piece, we are going to delve deeper into the history of the brand, consider the legacy it has left behind today, and look at what role Stag House Replacements has with this brand.

The Beginning of Royal Doulton

The Royal Doulton brand began life as a pottery brand in 1815, and although it was thanks to the widowed Martha Jones that anything came to fruition, it was named after her foreman John Watts, and John Doulton: Doulton and Watts Pottery. After Watts’ retirement in 1854, Henry Doulton had been with the company for 19 years, and it was soon after this that the company began to work with Lambeth School of Art. Their reputation expanded across the world, and in 1887, Henry Doulton was knighted by Queen Victoria, and in 1901, Edward VII enabled the company to add ‘Royal’ to their name, though Henry Doulton had passed away four years prior to this.

Royal Doulton Today

As Royal Doulton is known mostly for its ceramics, we couldn’t leave our collection without this aspect. However, there are also a great many glassware products from Royal Doulton, making up the majority of our collection. The company today still exists, but it is owned by a Finnish company. Contemporary designs sit beside classic styles, stocked in many well-known stores such as House of Fraser and John Lewis. Here at Stag House Replacements, you can get both the traditional glassware and ceramic products, whether you’re looking to add to your current collection, or requiring our glass replacement service.

Stag House Replacements

Here at Stag House Replacements, we have many Royal Doulton glass and ceramic products for different purposes. Our glass products include Champagne flutes, hi-ball glasses, tumblers for whiskey, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, liqueur glasses, goblets, carafes, decanters, pitchers, jugs and vases. We also stock ceramic products such as plates, bowls, cups and saucers, jugs, sugar bowls, coffee pots, platters, and gravy boats. Whether you desire a new item for your crystal glass collection, or you are looking to replace a specific item that has accidently broken, there is sure to be something to fulfil your needs.

Contact Us

Here Stag House Replacements, we have over 4000 crystal items.  We source these products from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts to bring them to our customers. Our wide-reaching collections are available to browse on our website and our eBay store. Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular product, you are welcome to get in touch with us. If you would like our assistance, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have for us.


Stuart Crystal

Stourbridge is a town in the West Midlands which is famous as the historical centre of the glass making industry.  For centuries, Stourbridge glass has been regarded as providing many of the finest examples of British craftsmanship.  The booming glass industry of the nineteenth century attracted talented artisans from other parts of the British Isles and further afield, as their local industries faltered.  The first member of the Stuart family to join the trade was Frederick Stuart, an eleven-year-old orphan who joined a local company as an apprentice in 1827.  Glassmaking is a trade steeped in tradition, with many unique skills, and it would have taken young Frederick many years to work his way up to become a master craftsman.  Over the years, generations of the Stuart family perfected his designs and techniques until Stuart Crystal became one of the area’s most famous and respected brands.  And while the company may have been sold at the end of the last century, the history lives on in the 110’ smelting cone which they used, the last one still standing in the area, which is now a museum celebrating the heyday of the industry.

Stuart Crystal has found its way into some of the most famous and auspicious settings in history:  Stuart Crystal champagne flutes were used on the Titanic; royalty and heads of state have been said to have sent Stuart Crystal glasses as gifts; a Stuart Crystal glass collection of 22,000 pieces was made for the Queen Mary ocean liner in the 1930’s.  As with all luxury items, Stuart Crystal wine glasses have an enduring elegance which transcends fashions and trends.  Imagine the opulence of pouring a fine wine from a Stuart Crystal decanter in the drawing room of an English stately home, or the glamour of drinking a toast from Stuart Crystal champagne glasses in a New York hotel.

To apply the word ‘crystal’ to glass is actually a misnomer (glass in not actually crystalline in structure), but it’s such a comfortable and accepted one that even etymologists and literature buffs don’t seem to care.  The quality of ‘crystal’ glass which people admire so much is its refractive properties, how it sparkles under direct light.  Such is the beauty of this material that it has been used to make much more than just tableware; picture frames, candlesticks and vases are just a few of the other items produced by companies like Stuart Crystal.

The key distinguishing mark of any item of crystal ware is its pattern.  Each manufacturer has their own patterns, and any collection is only complete when all pieces is the set match.  Stuart Crystal patterns are some of the most sought after by collectors, and their most famous, the Beaconsfield pattern, is still in use today.  If you are trying to complete your collection of Stuart Crystal tumblers, or have a damaged Stuart Crystal port glass you would like to replace, contact the experts at Stag House Replacements.  We can find what you need.


The History of Edinburgh Crystal

The beauty of buying Edinburgh Crystal glass products is that as well as getting a stunning item that will look great in your glassware collection, you are also getting a piece of history. Arguably timeless in style, read on to find out more about the history of this luxurious brand.

The Beginning of Edinburgh Crystal

The story of Edinburgh Crystal begins in Scotland in 1867, when the company was officially established as the Edinburgh and Leith Flint Glass Company. By this point, there was already a history of glassmaking in the region, dating as far back as 1664, where a master glassmaker called Robert Pope began. The company took over the works, expanding the business and producing vast quantities of cut and engraved glasses and bottles. In 1864 the company expanded again, bought and sold until it ended up in the hands of Jenkinson, moving it to a larger location at Norton Park, Abbey Hill, boasting a 12-pot furnace. During the post-war days of production, the glassware was thought to be even better, with the company’s speciality being reproductions of antique styles.

Edinburgh Crystal Today

Beyond its beginnings, Edinburgh Crystal has continued to earn an honourable reputation. It has received many accolades of a quality brand, such as being asked to supply Holyrood Palace with cut glass for Royal banquets in the 1930s. The company has since changed ownership several times, including new glasshouse processes. The final step in this process was when in 1974, all the crystal production was moved to the Peniculk factory grounds, located 10 miles south of Edinburgh. With this, the old glasshouse at Norton Park was completely demolished, marking nearly a century of use. Although Edinburgh Crystal has since been bought by Waterford Wedgwood, the factory itself is still in operation, combining traditional skills with an experienced yet modern management, and skilled craftspeople.

Stag House Replacements

At Stag House Replacements, we offer a wide selection of Edinburgh Crystal glasses for different purposes, offering unique designs for wine, champagne, whiskey, liqueur, sherry, port and hock glasses. There are also some one-off items in the collection such as fruit bowls, decanters and carafes, with each design series carrying its own name. Whether you desire a new item for your crystal glass collection, or you are looking to replace a specific item that has accidently broken, there is sure to be something to fulfil your needs.

Contact Us

At Stag House Replacements, we stock over 4000 crystal products, which we are able to provide to our customers through various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts. Our extensive collections are available to browse on our website and our eBay store, but if you are looking for a particular item, you are welcome to contact us. If you would like further assistance, simply get in touch with us by completing our web contact form, or you can call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.


The History of Waterford Crystal

When you buy Waterford Crystal Products, you’re not just buying a glass or a decanter, you’re buying a piece of history. Today, we’re going to look in more detail at that history when it comes to this classic brand of glassware.

The Beginning of Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal originated in 1783, when it was founded by George and William Penrose. Their aim was to create the finest quality crystal glasses that would not only offer a functional purpose, but also a decorative one. They began by seeking the expertise of a renowned glassmaker at the time. This glassmaker was John Hill, who started the process of polishing the glass after it was cut, giving it a unique shine. The journey from then on was not always an easy one, but in 1798, the business was sold to James Ramsey, Aimbrose Barcroft and Jonathon Gatchell. It was Gatchell who in fact became the sole owner of the company, with the family continuing to run the business after his passing. However, from the late 1840s there was a period of decline, which resulted in its closure.

The Renaissance of Waterford Crystal

Waterford saw no production of glass until after the Second World War, which was nearly 100 years later. It was during this time that a small factory was established by Noel Griffin and Charles Baick, and by the 1960s there was a resurgence of Waterford Crystal. They were selling worldwide, with one of their largest markets being the USA, and they increased their base in Kilbarry to cope with the demand. Business fluctuated throughout the 1980s and 1990s, by which time they were also receiving an endorsement from celebrities, collaborating with designers such as John Rocha and Jasper Conran. One of the highlights from this period was the crystal bowl that featured as part of the Millennium celebrations in Times Square, New York.

Waterford Crystal Today

After more ups and downs, Waterford Crystal remains an active glassware factory right in the middle of Waterford. You can visit the site, purchase from the shop, and explore the impressive plant itself. Its existence asserts that Waterford Crystal is a brand at forefront of crystal design and production across the globe.

Stag House Replacements

At Stage House Replacements, you can purchase a variety of different items from the Waterford Crystal range. Our drinking glasses include those for champagne, cocktails, liquer, sherry, port, whiskey, wine, brandy, wine hock, and water. We also stock other crystal glassware, such as clocks, jugs, bowls, photo frames, decorative figurines, paperweights, coasters, plates, jars, vases and different decanters.

Contact Us

At Stag House Replacements, we have a variety of over 4000 crystal products through different dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts. If you are looking for a particular item,  our extensive collections are available to browse on our website, and our eBay store. If you would like further assistance, please get in touch with us via our web contact form, or by calling us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.


How to Tell The Difference in Quality of Handmade and Mass Produced Glassware

At Stage House Replacements, we offer our customers glassware from a wide range of traditional brands of high-end crystal products. Highlights of our collection of over 4000 crystal items are Stuart Crystal, Cumbria Crystal, Waterford Crystal, and Edinburgh Crystal. Today, we’re going to look at the difference in quality you will find with classic products that make use of traditional glassblowing techniques, compared with those that are mass produced and made by machines.


The main difference between the quality of handmade and mass produced glassware is the strength of the glass. Handcrafted glassware is usually made of crystal glass, which means that the material is mixed with other materials. This is usually an indication of the glassware containing lead oxide, which softens it and enables craftspeople to cut and engrave the product. It generally increases the weight, and causes the glass to refract light.


The ability for the crystal glassware to refract light can also create wonderful rainbows of colour, which is great for use in chandeliers. The higher the concentration of lead, the more sparkling the glassware will be. Due to the increased strength you gain by using crystal glass, glassblowers can also produce thinner glass stems, for example, without them being too fragile to use. This results in a more elegant appearance that isn’t possible to achieve with machine produced glass.


With glasses made in factories by machines, you will always get the same product each and every time. When glass is handblown, you’ll get an added uniqueness. Although differences between your set of glasses will be very subtle, perfect replicas are impossible when crafting glassware by hand. One product can be made by up to four glass craftspeople, so the changing hands it will go through will add not only to the uniqueness in the end product, but also goes to show the attention to detail at each stage of making the glassware.


Glassware has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Since its development in Egypt, the art of glassblowing has been associated with luxury. Glassware has always had a history of being something that offers practical usage combined with ornamental features. The use of lead oxide began in 1674 by George Ravenscroft, but modern crystal can also be mixed with barium oxide, zinc oxide, or potassium oxide, showing that the innovation of handcrafted glassware is still alive and well.


When you use handcrafted crystal glassware, the superior quality is reflected in the price. You are buying more than a set of matching glasses, but instead gain a collection of products with tremendous value in terms of their unique appearance and quality, and their deep history of artistry. Not simply functional, those you buy handblown crystal glassware are buying works of art in their own right.

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To discover more about our collection of crystal glass products, or if you are looking for a particular product, feel free to get in touch with us through web our contact form, or by emailing us at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our staff directly, call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be happy to help you with your query.