Sep 13, 2022
How Long Can Red Wine Stay In A Decanter?

How Long Can Red Wine Stay In A Decanter
How long can wine stay in a decanter before it becomes ruined? Decanting wine, particularly red wine, brings out its full flavor, but the wine cannot remain in the decanter for an extended period of time. It is safe to leave it in the decanter overnight, and as long as the stopper on the decanter is airtight, it can even remain there for two to three days.

Should you let red wine breathe?

How Long Can Red Wine Stay In A Decanter It is a good practice to let your red wine breathe for a while before drinking it since this helps the wine to release its aromas and smooths out any harsh edges. Tannic and young red wines, such as those based on Left Bank Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux and Syrah or GSM blends from the Rhone Valley, can benefit from being left to breathe because it softens their tannins.

However, the amount of time a wine should be left to breathe and the method used to aerate it both vary depending on the wine. It is not essential to do anything to the wine by just opening the bottle; it is much more beneficial to decant it into another vessel, and for some extra theater, pour it from a height! Shop Our Selection of Red Wines The longer years a wine has been aged, the more nuanced it will have.

Everything You Need to Know When Storing Wine in a Decanter

Because aromas and flavors in an old red wine might lose their potency rather rapidly, it is not necessarily essential to decant the wine for as long as you normally would or even at all. If your bottle of wine is older than ten years, you should pour yourself a glass to determine whether or not it needs to be allowed to breathe.

If you have a young red wine that is full of chunky tannins, letting the wine breathe for approximately an hour to two hours can soften any abrasiveness in the wine and bring forth a texture that is more like velvet. If the wine in your bottle is lighter, less alcoholic, or less intense in flavor, let it 30 minutes to breathe before drinking it should be sufficient.

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Which red wine should be decanted?

Don’t Miss A Drop will send you updates on the newest happenings in the world of beer, wine, and cocktail culture directly to your email inbox. The addition of air through decanting is essential for bringing out the full flavor of robust red wines. When wine is exposed to air, the smells and flavors become more pronounced, making it simpler to evaluate (and more enjoyable to drink!) the wine in the glass in front of you.

In addition, the interaction of oxygen and wine can cause tannins to loosen up, which will result in a harsh wine being significantly more approachable after being exposed to air for about an hour. It is suggested to decant the majority of young reds, particularly robust varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Nebbiolo.

The following are three of our favorite bottles to use as decanters.

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