Sep 10, 2022
How To Store Whiskey In A Decanter?

How To Store Whiskey In A Decanter
When the bottle is still sealed, keeping the whiskey in an airtight decanter will ensure that its quality is preserved. The shelf life of unopened whiskey stored in a decanter is identical to the shelf life of whiskey stored in its original bottle or other glass container for alcohol.

Should whiskey be stored upright or on its side?

Whiskey should be kept in an upright position to avoid light exposure; this is another factor that should be considered while storing whisky. In contrast to wine bottles, which should be stacked horizontally for optimal storage, whiskey containers should be kept vertically.

Is it OK to store whiskey in the fridge?

In the time-honored custom followed by moms worldwide, whenever my mother comes over to visit, she immediately begins tidying up and rearranging the house. If my need for assistance wasn’t so glaringly clear, I’d take offense to being told that I do, in fact, require assistance.

My mother was cleaning the house the other day when she took a peek into our refrigerator and shouted, “Oh my gosh!” “It’s high time you cleaned out that refrigerator! There’s no way anything else could fit in here because all of the space has been taken up by bottles. Is it absolutely necessary to include each and every one of these?” I gave her the assurance that they did.

She reacted by saying that if that was the case, “then you need to acquire another refrigerator for vermouth.” This is very likely the case. In my refrigerator, I have a significant amount of vermouth (what can I say, I like to try all the different brands).

  1. However, the refrigerator is the optimal storage environment for a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, not just vermouth.
  2. The guideline that I follow is as follows: If the alcohol content is less than 15% or if the base is wine, I store it in the refrigerator once it has been opened.
  3. Because of the considerable amount of alcohol that is contained within them, spirits such as whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, and the like do not have to be refrigerated in order to maintain their quality.
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In addition, the majority of liqueurs contain an alcohol concentration that is sufficiently high, in addition to sugar, both of which contribute to the maintenance of the tastes.

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