The Difference Between Four of Our Crystal Product Categories

The Difference Between Four of Our Crystal Product Categories

At Stage House Replacements, we’re proud to stock some of the best names in crystal glass products. Whether you’re hoping to build a new collection or add to an existing one, why not browse our collections? Here we will outline four of our most sought-after crystal product categories so you can compart the quality of each brand. Whichever brand you choose, you will be sure to discover a whole host of different crystal products. As well as high-end, top-quality crystal glasses, you will also find many other items, such as decanters, carafes, lamps, bowls, and even chandelier part replacements.

Stuart Crystal

The old adage goes that they don’t make things like they used to, and when it comes to crystal, this may contain an element of truth. Rather than mass produced glasses, Stuart Crystal has been delivering quality crystal glasses from it Red House Glassworks in Stourbridge since the early 19th century. Now discontinued, the quality of the craftsmanship remains and can be found in our extensive collection of over 4000 crystal items. An icon in its own right, this brand’s factory is now a historic building and museum, known for its noticeable cone-shaped structure. There you will find the only surviving moving lehr in the whole world, where it would act as a kiln for annealing glass products. Visit the museum to find out more about its rich and fascinating history from when its founder, Frederick Stuart, began working at the site as an eleven-year-old orphan. So inspirational, the business even outgrew its premises and relocated to a nearby factory on Vine Street.

Cumbria Crystal

When it comes to recreating the glitz and glamour of eras gone by, look no further than Cumbria Crystal. This brand has played starring roles in films such as James Bond, and television series such as Downton Abbey. Hand-blown and hand-crafted, Cumbria Crystal is one of the most famous brands of crystal, and is reputed to be of the finest quality. Also beginning its journey in Stourbridge before moving to Ulverston in the Lake District, this tight-knit company was brought together by Lord and Lady Cavendish and remains a small team of twenty-two artisans to this day. Also keen on displaying its glorious goods in the making, it’s possible to visit the factory and witness the same crystal-making processes in action as you would traditionally see in the Roman era.

Waterford Crystal

Moving across the UK to the Irish city of its namesake, Waterford Crystal is known across the world for its production of high quality crystal products. There have been changes over the years, yet this brand now remains firmly with its feet in Ireland, where its roots have been since 1783. So monumental is this brand that it even has made a kind of museum of its legacy, offering tours of its factory. One of the most impressive facts about Waterford Crystal is that they produced the chandeliers in Westminster Abbey. So if it’s good enough for this wonderful historic site, then surely its products will be well placed in your home.

Edinburgh Crystal

Although Waterford Crystal actually took over the Edinburgh Crystal glasses, you can often still get better quality glass replacements for those glasses made before 2006, as subsequently some crystal is contracted outside of the UK. Those that are stamped with the origin of Edinburgh, Scotland, will be the more superior quality glasses. The original crystal glasses have been in production since 1867and are therefore steeped in history. This rich past includes manufacturing glass panels for royal carriages in years gone by, as well as more modern accolades such as collaborating with university students, bringing brand new contemporary designs to its collections. Whilst the name only exists as a brand within Waterford Crystal, you can be sure that your hands will be holding something special if you can find some of the original glassware.

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