Everything You Need to Know About Our Edinburgh Crystal Glass

Everything You Need to Know About Our Edinburgh Crystal Glass

Here at Stag House Replacements, we are pleased to provide our customers with a wide selection of crystal glassware, including some extraordinary and exclusive products from specialist brands. Our drinking glasses make up most of our collection, yet we also stock items such as fruit bowls and decanters. Our first-class products are ideal for any special occasion, whether a birthday celebration or family gathering. Today, we will turn our attention to our collection of Edinburgh Crystal glassware.


Like our other collections, our range of Edinburgh Crystal comes with a long history having been made in Scotland between the years of 1867 and 2006. In the past, the company manufactured the glass panels for the lamps on royal carriages, giving the brand the touch of a fairy-tale romance about them. Operating into the twenty-first century, it took on unique collaborations with university students, offering them experience, and adding fresh and modern designs to the Edinburgh Crystal repertoire. Within the glassware business, there have been many mergers over the time, including Edinburgh Crystal joining with Thomas Webb and Dema Glass. As it stands now, Waterford Wedgwood bought and relaunched Edinburgh Crystal, and it now simply exists as a brand with an incredible history spanning centuries.


The Edinburgh Crystal range is one of the most extensive and varied here at Stage House Replacements. We stock a multitude of different shaped glasses for purposes such as wine, champagne, whiskey, liqueur, sherry, port and hock glasses. The collection also includes fruit bowls, decanters and carafes. Each unique design carries its own name, and we are able to offer many of these designs, including Appin, Argyll, Atholl, Ayr, Balmoral, Beauly, Berkeley, Broughton, Cameron, Cirrus, Clyde, Cordelia, Crinan, Duet, Eclipse, Eden, Embassy, Iona, Isla, Jura, Kelso, Kingston, Kinross, Lochnagar, Lomond, Millenium, Mirage, Montrose, Mull, Ness, Nimbus, Orbit, Orrin, Perth, Portree, Renaissance, Romeo, Royal, Serenade, Sierra, Silhouette, Skibo, Skye, Sonata, Spey, Star of Edinburgh, Stirling, Stratus, Tain, Tay, Thistle, Tiree, Torrent, and Tweed. In addition to these fifty or so different designs, there are also other unique designs such as whiskey glasses depicting a golf scene, a rare square-footed whiskey glass, and a modern one-of-a-kind Cowdy glass with a blue and green patterned stem.


As illustrated, our Edinburgh Crystal glassware is extremely extensive. Specialising in replacements, we know that accidents can happen occasionally and if this happens, we will do our best to salvage it. If you have read the name of a design in which you’re looking for a replacement glass to complete your collection, you’re one step closer to finding that missing piece. We will always attempt to find a suitable replacement glass with the details that you provide us with, and you are welcome to browse our collections online for yourself. With Stag House Replacements, you can rest assured, knowing that if the worst happens, you can use your Edinburgh Crystal glasses for both special occasions and everyday luxury without worrying about possible breakages.

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