The History of Edinburgh Crystal

The History of Edinburgh Crystal

The beauty of buying Edinburgh Crystal glass products is that as well as getting a stunning item that will look great in your glassware collection, you are also getting a piece of history. Arguably timeless in style, read on to find out more about the history of this luxurious brand.

The Beginning of Edinburgh Crystal

The story of Edinburgh Crystal begins in Scotland in 1867, when the company was officially established as the Edinburgh and Leith Flint Glass Company. By this point, there was already a history of glassmaking in the region, dating as far back as 1664, where a master glassmaker called Robert Pope began. The company took over the works, expanding the business and producing vast quantities of cut and engraved glasses and bottles. In 1864 the company expanded again, bought and sold until it ended up in the hands of Jenkinson, moving it to a larger location at Norton Park, Abbey Hill, boasting a 12-pot furnace. During the post-war days of production, the glassware was thought to be even better, with the company’s speciality being reproductions of antique styles.

Edinburgh Crystal Today

Beyond its beginnings, Edinburgh Crystal has continued to earn an honourable reputation. It has received many accolades of a quality brand, such as being asked to supply Holyrood Palace with cut glass for Royal banquets in the 1930s. The company has since changed ownership several times, including new glasshouse processes. The final step in this process was when in 1974, all the crystal production was moved to the Peniculk factory grounds, located 10 miles south of Edinburgh. With this, the old glasshouse at Norton Park was completely demolished, marking nearly a century of use. Although Edinburgh Crystal has since been bought by Waterford Wedgwood, the factory itself is still in operation, combining traditional skills with an experienced yet modern management, and skilled craftspeople.

Stag House Replacements

At Stag House Replacements, we offer a wide selection of Edinburgh Crystal glasses for different purposes, offering unique designs for wine, champagne, whiskey, liqueur, sherry, port and hock glasses. There are also some one-off items in the collection such as fruit bowls, decanters and carafes, with each design series carrying its own name. Whether you desire a new item for your crystal glass collection, or you are looking to replace a specific item that has accidently broken, there is sure to be something to fulfil your needs.

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At Stag House Replacements, we stock over 4000 crystal products, which we are able to provide to our customers through various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts. Our extensive collections are available to browse on our website and our eBay store, but if you are looking for a particular item, you are welcome to contact us. If you would like further assistance, simply get in touch with us by completing our web contact form, or you can call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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