The History Of Royal Doulton

The History Of Royal Doulton

The story of our Royal Doulton products begins back over two hundred years ago, so when you own such items, you can think of it as holding a piece of history in your hands. For this piece, we are going to delve deeper into the history of the brand, consider the legacy it has left behind today, and look at what role Stag House Replacements has with this brand.

The Beginning of Royal Doulton

The Royal Doulton brand began life as a pottery brand in 1815, and although it was thanks to the widowed Martha Jones that anything came to fruition, it was named after her foreman John Watts, and John Doulton: Doulton and Watts Pottery. After Watts’ retirement in 1854, Henry Doulton had been with the company for 19 years, and it was soon after this that the company began to work with Lambeth School of Art. Their reputation expanded across the world, and in 1887, Henry Doulton was knighted by Queen Victoria, and in 1901, Edward VII enabled the company to add ‘Royal’ to their name, though Henry Doulton had passed away four years prior to this.

Royal Doulton Today

As Royal Doulton is known mostly for its ceramics, we couldn’t leave our collection without this aspect. However, there are also a great many glassware products from Royal Doulton, making up the majority of our collection. The company today still exists, but it is owned by a Finnish company. Contemporary designs sit beside classic styles, stocked in many well-known stores such as House of Fraser and John Lewis. Here at Stag House Replacements, you can get both the traditional glassware and ceramic products, whether you’re looking to add to your current collection, or requiring our glass replacement service.

Stag House Replacements

Here at Stag House Replacements, we have many Royal Doulton glass and ceramic products for different purposes. Our glass products include Champagne flutes, hi-ball glasses, tumblers for whiskey, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, liqueur glasses, goblets, carafes, decanters, pitchers, jugs and vases. We also stock ceramic products such as plates, bowls, cups and saucers, jugs, sugar bowls, coffee pots, platters, and gravy boats. Whether you desire a new item for your crystal glass collection, or you are looking to replace a specific item that has accidently broken, there is sure to be something to fulfil your needs.

Contact Us

Here Stag House Replacements, we have over 4000 crystal items.  We source these products from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts to bring them to our customers. Our wide-reaching collections are available to browse on our website and our eBay store. Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular product, you are welcome to get in touch with us. If you would like our assistance, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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