The History of Waterford Crystal

The History of Waterford Crystal

When you buy Waterford Crystal Products, you’re not just buying a glass or a decanter, you’re buying a piece of history. Today, we’re going to look in more detail at that history when it comes to this classic brand of glassware.

The Beginning of Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal originated in 1783, when it was founded by George and William Penrose. Their aim was to create the finest quality crystal glasses that would not only offer a functional purpose, but also a decorative one. They began by seeking the expertise of a renowned glassmaker at the time. This glassmaker was John Hill, who started the process of polishing the glass after it was cut, giving it a unique shine. The journey from then on was not always an easy one, but in 1798, the business was sold to James Ramsey, Aimbrose Barcroft and Jonathon Gatchell. It was Gatchell who in fact became the sole owner of the company, with the family continuing to run the business after his passing. However, from the late 1840s there was a period of decline, which resulted in its closure.

The Renaissance of Waterford Crystal

Waterford saw no production of glass until after the Second World War, which was nearly 100 years later. It was during this time that a small factory was established by Noel Griffin and Charles Baick, and by the 1960s there was a resurgence of Waterford Crystal. They were selling worldwide, with one of their largest markets being the USA, and they increased their base in Kilbarry to cope with the demand. Business fluctuated throughout the 1980s and 1990s, by which time they were also receiving an endorsement from celebrities, collaborating with designers such as John Rocha and Jasper Conran. One of the highlights from this period was the crystal bowl that featured as part of the Millennium celebrations in Times Square, New York.

Waterford Crystal Today

After more ups and downs, Waterford Crystal remains an active glassware factory right in the middle of Waterford. You can visit the site, purchase from the shop, and explore the impressive plant itself. Its existence asserts that Waterford Crystal is a brand at forefront of crystal design and production across the globe.

Stag House Replacements

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