Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer a wide variety of Baccarat crystal glassware. You may be hoping to extend your existing collection of Baccarat crystal, or begin a new one. Whether for an everyday luxury, or for use on special occasions and kept best behind a cabinet, you can use them without fear of breakages, as we offer a glass replacement service for any such accidents. We have built up our stock of Baccarat glassware over years and we supply some very sought-after Baccarat patterns.

Baccarat crystal glasses date back to 1764, with the company initially based in France. The manufacturer is named after its location, its legacy steeped in history and now found in its crystal glass museums. The company is still in operation today, with an American subsidiary, but there is nothing like the rare gems of the vintage glassware. Such items are usually behind museum cabinets, yet we are lucky enough to currently stock three Baccarat whisky tumblers, including the signature stamp at the base, red branding, and matching box. From the price tag, you can see just what an investment these crystal products are.

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