Waterford Crystal

Named after the Irish city, Waterford Crystal is one of the most famous manufacturers of crystal glasses in the world. As they are so highly regarded, it’s natural to want to possess your own Waterford Crystal wine glasses or to complete a set of glasses that you already own. Here at Crystal Glass Replacement it is our pleasure to supply our customers with a great choice of Waterford Crystal glasses.

Within our selection of over 4000 crystal glasses, our Waterford Crystal collection is ideal for those looking to expand upon their own collection, with our stock carefully acquired over years from interaction with dealers, collectors and other contacts. Within our collection you will find a wide variety of fantastic Waterford Crystal patterns, whether you are looking for Waterford Crystal champagne glasses, carafes, decanters or simple wine glasses. Whether you’re looking to wow guests at a social occasion or simply enjoy a classy drink to yourself, you’ll find everything you need in our selection.

Seeing a precious crystal drinking glass broken is one of the worst nightmares imaginable, which is why here at Crystal Glass Replacement we offer our customers a high-quality replacement service so you can keep your Waterford Crystal glass set complete.

We hope that you find the Waterford Crystal patterns you are looking for in our selection. However, if you cannot find the particular glass you are looking for on our site or in our eBay shop, please do let us know and we will do our utmost to obtain it for you.