Our St Louis Crystal Products

St Louis Crystal

Our St Louis Crystal Products

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer a range of crystal glass products from various names. Today we will focus on those from St Louis Crystal, renowned as the oldest glass manufacture in France. Read on to find out more about the history of these crystal glass makers, the company today and what St Louis products we can offer you.

The History of St Louis Crystal

Founded in 1767, St Louis (or, in French, Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis), has roots that date back to 1586. Not only is the company the first glass manufacturer in France, but it also holds the title of being the first crystal glass manufacturer in the whole of continental Europe. You can find out more about the iconic brand in the production halls of the factory itself, where its museum is located, exhibiting four centuries of its technical development and artistic creations. Initially focussed on making luxury and high-quality goods, it was in the 1800s that the manufacturer also operated in the field of medium-range goods of a lower quality to be affordable to the masses.

St Louis Crystal Today

The St Louis brand has stood the test of time, still operating today with modern creations that carry forward its classic style. Whilst the company has seen it through difficult times, affected by economic crises and becoming nationalised, it has since been re-privatised from 1987 and products today have also been expanded into engineered materials such as abrasives and ceramics. The company now has factories internationally, increasing their distribution. With many artists having worked with the brand, it has become known for its blend of tradition and innovation, which is perhaps why it has been able to last just so many years.

St Louis Crystal at Stag House Replacements

At Stag House replacements, we currently stock four sought-after St Louis Crystal glasses. This includes two types of the Chantilly champagne flutes, both in excellent condition, with one also signed ‘St Louis Cristal France’ underneath. We also stock a Chantilly glass which is designed for drinking sherry or port. Finally, we offer a St Louis Crystal Chantilly wine glass. Both these options are also signed at the base. If you’re looking for a specific St Louis product that is not listed, whether a St Louis decanter or an alternate pattern, please follow our contact details listed below and we can look into whether we can source the item for you. The products themselves are considered to merge the talent inherited from its past incarnations with the creative fantasy evoked by contemporary trends.

Contact Us

Here at Stag House Replacements, we offer our customers a choice of over 4000 crystal items, which are acquired from various dealers, collectors, and specialist contacts and brought to you. Our extensive collections are available to browse online, but if you are searching for a specific product, feel free in touch with us. If you would like our assistance, just complete our web contact form, or call us on either 07487769598 or 01708765451. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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